Affluence / Abundance

Do you feel driven to be a leader, a change-maker, and the type of individual that attracts and utilise abundant wealth for the advancement of communities? This is for you. Access to monthly Rise and Shine member meetings. 24/7 access to the Rise and Shine University anytime and from any device. Mindset intensive. Deep dive […]

Wealth Creation

Recommended for the individuals or families that want to grow beyond financial stability and create wealth. Access to monthly Rise and Shine member meetings. Be part of an active group that meets monthly to guide and support you on your journey to financial freedom. Having this support system is vital for your grow. We want […]


Good for the average individual or family that is struggling and looking for financial stability and debt freedom. We have a structured system that will improve your money management and take you from becoming dept free to attaining financial freedom. Why Seek For Financial Freedom? So that you can have time to spend with your […]